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I believe in the great democratic institution of public education.  Great schools make great communities. Maintaining and enhancing the Solana Beach School District as schools of choice has been my greatest accomplishment.  I was first elected to the Board in 2002. Much has changed since then, but the role of an effective school board member is still anchored in putting the child at the center of all decisions.  It is amazing how extremely difficult decisions become crystal clear when the focus is on the student.

For 12 years I have had the wonderful experience and privilege of being a parent in our district and witnessing first hand the challenges and complexities of today’s classrooms.  Teachers have an extremely important and difficult job- and they are masterful at what they do. Being a partner with your child’s teacher while supporting and loving your child is the best thing you can do for your school.  I am proud to say Solana Beach School District is a very desirable place to work and we have been able to hire and retain an excellent group of top educators in California. The greatest joy as a trustee is witnessing first hand the miracle of a child who is inspired by their teacher.  We are touching the future everyday.

As an active leader in education, I have been involved as a volunteer and advocate for the past 18 years.  I have served as a classroom volunteer, founder of Skyline’s Young Scientist Club, PTA member, Foundation Site President and School Site Council President.  During my tenure on the board I have served as Board representative to various district and regional committees including North County Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE), San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth, District School Safety Committee, District Strategic Planning Committee, District Wellness Committee, Child Nutrition Focus Group, Facilities Master Planning Committee, District Envision Team (STREAM), District Recycling Committee, District Design Committees for Solana Ranch, Skyline and Solana Vista Elementary and the Solana Beach Schools Foundation.  

I have over 38 years in technology, health research and education. I have an advanced degree in Public Health and prioritize educating the whole child.  I currently serve as an elected State Delegate for the California School Board Association (CSBA) and am Vice President of the San Diego School Board Association.  I am also a CSBA Masters in Governance graduate. I serve on the board of a computer science education non profit targeting underserved youth and low income communities in San Diego.

It has been an honor to serve as your school board member and with your vote I pledge to continue my work to maintain Solana Beach School District as a sought after place for students to learn and grow.  I take the responsibility very seriously. Serving on a school board “is a labor of love for those who see schools at the cornerstone of our society’s future”.

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As President of the Solana Beach School District Board I have worked to ensure the highest quality education for every student.  I am committed to continue our district’s mission of academic excellence by

  • maintaining small class sizes.
  • sustaining a strong core curriculum with expanded study in science, technology, engineering, arts, research, computer science and math (STREAM).
  • providing innovative award winning programs that utilize critical thinking and project based learning.
  • broadening Social Emotional Learning (SEL) supports and access for ALL students, nurturing lifelong physical & nutritional health.
  • enriching education in the visual and performing arts.
  • maintain strong support, communication and cooperative partnership between teachers, parents, community, and administration that cultivates academic achievement for ALL students.
  • manage growth and voter-approved modernization projects with focus on safety and sustainability.   
  • demonstrate sound fiscal responsibility and transparency for the long term financial health of our district.

I pledge to put kids first and ensure all children have the opportunity to reach their limitless potential.  EDUCATE – ENGAGE – INNOVATE

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New School Swing

If you are like me, results matter.  I have had the honor of serving the Solana Beach School District Community for 4 terms – 16 years.  During my time on the board I have made many challenging decisions and championed new and innovative projects and programs all with the focus on putting children first.

As a board member, I have been involved in our Regional Legislative Action Network and have worked in Sacramento with legislators over issues concerning our students and education in California. I have advocated for our students and staff at the state and federal level and continue to push for legislation that adequately funds education in California, provides increased funding for special education and mental health services and addresses the rising financial burden of pension liabilities (STRS and PERS) on school district budgets. We have the best and the brightest teaching our children and I am proud to say I have worked to protect their jobs, medical benefits, compensation, pensions and important voice every day.

I have represented our district on joint education committees with the mayor and members of the Solana Beach City Council and San Diego City Council addressing growth, school safety, traffic and safe routes to school issues that impact our schools and communities.


I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing colleagues. High functioning boards can accomplish great things for kids.

School Construction and Modernization:
Solana Pacific Elementary 2004
Solana Ranch Elementary 2008
Solana Highlands Elementary Prop JJ (kitchen remodel, school entrance, solar & HVAC) 2017
Solana Pacific Elementary Solar Project Prop JJ, 2017
Skyline Elementary Re-Build Prop JJ, design, build 2017-18
Solana Vista Elementary Re-Build Prop JJ – currently in design phase, est 2020-2021

Instructional Innovation:
District and Site Strategic Planning
Choice Professional Development
District Band Program
Classroom Technology Investment and 1-1 Technology
Advocacy and Support of District Choice Global Education Program
Annual District Inspiration Awards (Courage, Perseverance, Effort, Community Service)
Expanded Special Education Services (PreK – 6)
STREAM and Discovery Labs
Certificated Teachers in STREAM labs
Expanded Child Development Programs
Expanded Preschool to Carmel Valley area at Solana Ranch Elementary
Partnership with Casa de Amistad for tutoring and academic support
Partnership with La Colonia de Eden Gardens Foundation for youth leadership programs
PIQUE and Las Platicas de Mejorar education programs for Hispanic parents
Preschool Scholarship Program for low income families
Expanded Student Nutrition Program with healthy school lunches and curriculum
Computer Science K-6 curriculum
Expanded Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program and supports

California Distinguished School Awards:
Solana Highlands Elementary 2004
Solana Pacific Elementary 2018, 2014, 2018
Skyline Elementary 2004, 2012, 2018

California School Board Association Golden Bell Awards:
2006 Outstanding Professional Development and Teacher Recruitment – Buy-back Days Solana Beach ESD
2008 Outstanding K-8 Program – District and Site Strategic Planning
2016 Outstanding Curriculum and Instruction – STREAM

San Diego Taxpayer Association Award:
2018 Regional Golden Watchdog Award- (Skyline Village)

Nominated for San Diego County School Board Member of the Year 2017


Resolution 060417 Adopted June 29, 2017
Opposing Youth Access to Marijuana Through Marijuana Storefronts and Commercial Cultivation

Resolution 100117 Adopted October 12, 2017
Solana Beach School District calls upon Congress to continue existing DACA Program and provide DACA recipients with a pathway to permanent residence and eventually US Citizenship

Resolution 020118 Adopted February 8, 2018
Solana Beach School District calls for Full and Fair Funding of California Public Schools

Resolution 030118 Adopted March 8, 2018
Solana Beach School District calls for apportioning $3 billion in 2018-19 Proposition 51 School Facilities Funds

Resolution 040118 Adopted April 19, 2018
Solana Beach School District School Safety Resolution calling on stronger gun control laws to protect students.

High retention rates of the best and brightest teachers.

Solana Pacific Elementary Solar Ribbon Cutting


DEDE ALPERT California State Senator, retired
LESLIE FAUSSET Former California Chief Deputy Public Instruction
RICK SHEA Trustee, San Diego County School Board
BARBARA BRY Council President Pro Tem, San Diego City Council
TAMARA OTERO President, San Diego County School Boards Association
KATIE DEXTER Director Region 17, California School Boards Association
BETH HERGESHEIMER Board President, San Dieguito Union High School District
AMY HERMAN Trustee, San Dieguito Union High School District
JOYCE DALESSANDRO Trustee, San Dieguito Union High School District
KRISTIN GIBSON Trustee, Del Mar School District
ERICA HALPERN Trustee, Del Mar School District
MARLA STRICH Trustee, Encinitas School District
CAROL SKILJAN Former Trustee, Encinitas School District
SARAH NEAL Trustee, Rancho Santa Fe School District
RICH LEIB Trustee, Solana Beach School District, UC Board of Regents
JULIE UNION Board Vice President, Solana Beach School District
HOLLY LEWRY Trustee, Solana Beach School District
JEFF BUSBY Former Trustee, Solana Beach School District
STEVEN HENRIKSEN PhD Former Trustee, Solana Beach School District
JILL MACDONALD Former Trustee, Solana Beach School District
ERIC LODGE Former Trustee, Solana Beach School District
ELLIE TOPOLOVAC Former Superintendent, Solana Beach School District, retired
MICHAEL CASEY President, SBSD Prop JJ Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
AMY FLICKER SBSD Prop AA Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
RHEA STEWART SBSD Prop AA Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
DAVID ZITO Mayor, City of Solana Beach
JEWEL EDSON Deputy Mayor, Solana Beach City Council
LESA HEEBNER Solana Beach City Council
JUDY HEGENAUER Solana Beach City Council
PETER ZAHN Solana Beach City Council
SARAH WILEY HENRIKSEN Past President, Casa de Amistad
VIC WINTRISS Founder and Board Chair, League of Amazing Programmers
DIANE WINTRISS Founder, League of Amazing Programmers
Proudly Supported by Parents, Teachers, Community Members and Solana Beach School District Employees


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